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S.O.L offers language services for businesses working within the Anglo-Hispanic and Chinese business environment and need to overcome communication barriers and intercultural competencies to ensure global strategies are realized and to make their businesses more successful. Our services include in-company language teaching, editorial services, and translation.


  • Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese

  • Proofreading, Content Writing

  • Web, Marketing & Advertising

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Aware of its importance, we consider it as a key element for intercultural professional success if you work globally. Therefore, it is an essential service in our repertoire.


The essence of our company is diversity, because our team is made up of an attractive blend of Spanish and international cultural backgrounds and professional experience that gives us a distinct character of our own.


We can identify and grasp your requirements and take full advantage of new technology to offer continuous personalised supervision regardless of distance and/or timetables.

Satisfied Costumers

La presencia de Cristina Rubio en ADCHASE en la redacción de nuestros informes de investigación privada es esencial para  marcar nuestra diferencia y que la empresa destaque a la hora de entregar informes profesionales que después irán a los Juzgados. Su capacidad para encontrar y saber utilizar las palabras adecuadas hace que sea mucho más fácil la comprensión de nuestros informes, dotándolos de una mayor accesibilidad para el lector. En definitiva, su trabajo como redactora es determinante para nosotros.

Raquel Durán – Directora Gerente ADCHASE

Cristina has been my Spanish teacher since October 2018. She is an excellent teacher, very skilled and pleasant to be around. Very creative and knowledgeable. Highly recommended for private and group classes.

Suzie Lukacova - Policy Advisor at Milieu Ltd

Claudia is an extremely professional and effective Spanish language instructor. She tailors the lessons and program to thestudent's needs. For example, she can be very impactful in thestudy of business Spanish. It is a true pleasure to spend time withClaudia who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and reliable.

Sara Corsaro - Head of Marketing & Investor Relations at Andurand Capital

It took a few teachers before I met Claudia in order to feel confident that I could indeed learn Spanish in a fun and methodical way taught by someone who is passionate... Apart from her ability to understand the native languages of her students she has a unique skill set to analyze the true need and easiest way for someone to absorb the matter, whether it is vocabulary or grammar, she will tailor it to a framework that will work for you... Is it easy to learn a new language? No, I guess not necessarily but it can be fun and progress can be made quickly if it is tailored to your specific personality... I look forward to the next couple of classes with her!

Christophe Maes - Marketing Director Knee Franchise EMEA at Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics at Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics

Cristina is very skilled. I have had private classes with her once per week for a couple of months and thanks to it, I already feel very much more comfortable speaking Spanish. I am convinced that her class is going to help me reach my goal which is to speak it fluently. Moreover, she animates the class very well and makes it enjoyable.

Audrey Fouquier - Back End Developer at Adaptative Financial Consulting

I had the luck to meet Claudia when I moved to Spain: I was expected to significantly improve my Spanish, with a specific focus on its usage in a business environment. I have to admit it was a tough task but Claudia, with her strong skill and professionalism, helped in boosting my communication level. What I appreciate in her work is her ability to fit grammar theory in practical "business oriented" concrete tasks., always in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Giancarlo Celentano - Experienced Sales and Marketing Executive


Because we believe that global organizations can create successful collaboration patterns and network, S.O.L is currently working with other organisations to allow additional resource and expertise.

Athena Market
Roue Consultores

If you would like to be part of our collaborative culture, please contact S.O.L


Cristina Rubio
Co Founder

Currently, she combines her love for writing with the teaching of ELE, making corrections and writing of commissioned works at a private and corporate level.

Claudia Ledesma
Co Founder

She considers it essential to understand what each student needs and how they learn in order to know what motivates them and drives their learning.

Cristina Rubio
After graduating as a Hispanic Philologist at the Complutense University of Madrid, Cristina completed a Master’s Degree in Teacher Training in Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Barcelona, specializing in the analysis and creation of Spanish materials for professional use. Her passion for teaching has always been linked to her love for writing, so in 2017 she became proofreader and content writer. In her professional experience she combines her work as an ELE teacher in schools with the realization of corrections and commissioned editorials at private and corporate level. She is methodical, organized and perfectionist.

Claudia Ledesma
Claudia was born in Santiago de Chile and completed her degree in Marketing and Public Relations in her home country, where she also had her first work experience. Her proactive, entrepreneurial spirit led her to move to Barcelona in 2002 as a way of broadening her knowledge and experience. Several years later she decided to change direction again and moved to London, where she trained at the Instituto Cervantes and began her career as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language and entrepreneur. There she founded the Sol Academy, with the same goals as S.O.L., her current company. She returned to Barcelona in 2014 to take her master’s degree in Spanish as a foreign language (UB) and continue her career. She considers it essential to understand what each student needs and how they learn in order to know what motivates them and drives their learning.

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