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In order for the image of a company to be translated into professionalism and competitiveness, there is no doubt that the importance you must give to words. A perfect spelling and a careful writing and style will favor your position in front of the competition. At S.O.L we propose solutions to any type of barrier you encounter with written language with the aim of promoting the success and merit of your company. We offer a quality service tailored to your needs, thanks to the dedication of experienced and qualified professionals


A prospectus with misspellings or a poorly written or understandable publication can distort your company’s image. To avoid this, at S.O.L we offer an orthographic and style correction service by experts in the field, graduates and lovers of their work who know and use different formats (Word, Acrobat Reader, InDesign…).

As language experts, we know that not all texts need the same kind of correction. Therefore, we adapt to the content taking into account the grammatical and spelling faults without delving into the style of the document and enrich the expression by working on the structure and cohesion of the text to make it more accessible. In addition, we provide a review of the layout.

Content writing

If you need to create or renew your company’s blog content, you are thinking of including a newsletter section on the web or you want to send a letter with new conditions to a customer, In S.O.L we offer you a service of creation original texts and quality, since we have the best professionals.

As experts in the field, we know that not all texts need the same type of wording so we adapt the content to your needs, taking into account what you want to tell and to whom it is addressed. We offer you a series of differentiated services:

Wording for telematics correspondence or email
We take care to prepare correct and simple texts to facilitate the  understanding of your client and thus avoid possible misunderstandings.

Wording for newsletter
We design and elaborate the structure and content of your company’s newsletter to make it the most attractive in your sector, projecting and highlighting the most interesting contents.

Wording for blogs and social networks
We take care of updating your blog and social networks of your company with relevant content for the sector, writing and publishing articles and post adapted to your needs.

Wording for private investigations
At S.O.L we have specialists in the drafting and layout of private investigations. You just have to give us the content; we make it a suitable and understandable text.

We are expert editors with great aptitude for words. Therefore, if you need to elaborate content related to other areas, contact us. We will help you.

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